Lee Martin Books
Mystery Novels With Imagination

Each year Lee Martin Booksleemartin2013-05-small
produces mystery novels that
garner even wider acclaim
throughout the world of fiction. With his easy, artistic
style and vivid personality
studies, you the reader are
transported directly into the
mind of each of his story’s
characters. One moment you
may experience raw, bone-
chilling murder and suspense
that will leave you with goose
bumps, and the next, laughing

As you sooner or later come face-to-face with his killers, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat until his stories’ heroes finally take them down. However, I must warn you about his use of the element of surprise. Never think you will be absolutely sure about what will happen next. Come into Lee’s world of mystery, murder, romance and nail-biting suspense. Experience the unexpected.

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“Let me be the first to warn you
of this storyteller’s use of the
element of surprise. Colonel
Martin’s years of military
experience and command play
in to be sure his readers are
never certain of what will
happen next.”
Jane Robelot
Former “CBS This Morning” News Anchor National Emmy Award Recipient